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Growing up in Notting Hill, attending the Carnival was mandatory, and honestly an honour! My first memories of vibrant culture, loud music, incredible food. I was 13 the first time I took my camera with me to capture the lives and stories happening just outside my door - and for such short 2 day window to enjoy it. It's intense and temporary nature makes it something truly magical. Time went on, and year after year I came back to the same place to take more photos and capture these moments-between-moments through new lenses. This one has to be my favourite. Shot on analogue Canon Eos 300 with 28-90mm lens with black and white Ilford Super 400 film.

Kathrina WainstokPhotographer

Item No. 01

Canon EOS 300

My favourite film camera at the moment, I found it in a charity shop for £60 when I was studying at university. You can find them much cheaper on eBay.

Item No. 02

Ilford Black and White Film

I cannot get enough of the incredible quality of this film. The photos come out with this raw quality, capturing the essence of a moment, not just the tiny details.

Item No. 03

Foldable Raincoat

An absolute essential during Carnival. With large crowds, it’s slow to get around. You and your camera equipment won’t be happy stuck in the rain without a raincoat.

Item No. 04

Anti-theft Backpack

The Bobby XD Backpack is the best anti-theft bag with camera gear dividers. There are lots of copies follow this link to ensure you get the best quality product.

The feminine feathered women arrive at the mouth of the procession path. Prepping themselves and each other for their 2-day extravaganza ahead. Months of routines and rhinestones lead them to this celebration of life, love and heritage.

The moment the speakers turn on, the crowds gather, the food starts to cook and drinks start to flow. The security find their places at the main events and the quiet mews’ of the short building caught between the soundwaves and passing crowds.

A sharp blade hacks away at another hard husk. A man chops confidentially at the tower of coconuts he eagerly knows will sell to ravers and revellers over the next 2 days. He’s in deep thought about the moment he can join the others beyond the coconut tent he’s working at.

Where would we be without our friends? A group of women drop by a friends’ stall and pick up some signs to help enjoy a day working and playing on the streets. Rain or shine they’re dressed to enjoy themselves!

The depths of West London’s beating heart, 2 women dance to the echo’s of booming base notes. Marking the finishing moments of the joy and celebrations that the many surrounding streets played host to. The biggest cultural experience London has ever seen. Carnival.